Monday, April 30, 2012

It's a project!!!- vintage book wreath

When I was looking around the Internet Saturday I came across this really cool project for a wreath.

I am a little afraid of decorating our apartment because I feel like I will overwhelm things and make it look tacky.  Now, I'm sure this is just my OCD, but none-the-less it's a worry of mine.  So far I have a few family pictures hung and an awesome picture of NYC that I got from IKEA for $5!  Other than that the walls are bare (so sad).

I dream of making some drapes for the sliding glass door, but that's a project for another day.  Today is wreath day.

I got the idea from here and I made a modification because I didn't want to buy paint.  We have the BEST used book store right down the street from us that has a great vintage section.  I wanted the wreath to have a very authentic feel, so what better way than with an actual vintage book.

If anyone's interested, the book is called The works of Rabelais. It doesn't have a published date, but online it says 1929.  I feel kinda bad for ripping the pages out, but it's in the name of art!

Here's what Wikipedia says about this man "He has historically been regarded as a writer of fantasy, satire, the grotesque, bawdy jokes and songs"  Well ok then!

I digress, let's talk about the actual project at hand.  I started with a circular piece of Styrofoam

After ripping out the pages (carefully) start rolling each page and gluing them to the back of the foam.

After you have the back done it should look something like this:

Here it is flipped over:

From there you want to start rows all around.  The site here has instructions on how to glue each row.  When you are done with the rows it should look a little something like this:

After that you can fill in any empty spaces to make it look more full.

Here she is all hung up.  I have to say I am pretty proud of myself, and I feel a little more comfortable with decorating. (That's the NYC picture on the left of the wreath.)

If you are a die hard reader like me, this is right up your alley.  I really think that having an actual vintage book made all the difference.

Total cost of the project was $13 (the foam was $7!), but the book has enough pages to where I can make at least 2 more, or maybe I can find something else creative to do with it. The girl on the site said she found the Styrofoam at the Dollar Tree, but I didn't look there.

I hope this post was informative and somewhat entertaining ;)

Until next time, I hope you all get crafty!


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