Monday, January 23, 2012


What was I doing on Black Friday, you may wonder...

Well, first of all I slept in, then I went online.  I found a site that pretty much showed all of the great deals online and in stores for the day.  Someone did all the work for us, he should get an award!

Anyway, I was browsing the site and came across a great deal on magazine subscriptions.  You might also be wondering to yourself "why would someone want to subscribe to a magazine when there is the Internet?!?"  Well, to answer your question, because I like tangible things, so sue me!  Also, these subscriptions were a steal!

With the Black Friday deal, and another deal I got from Groupon, I got 8 subscriptions for under 40 bucks.  The only bad thing I can think of is I don't think I will be eligible for the great prices if I want to re-subscribe.

One of the magazines that I was most excited about is bon appetit.  I got my first issue today, and the cover sucked me in (I haven't even taken the magazine out of the plastic wrapping yet!):

It's hard to see in the small picture, but that there is fried chicken, and they claim it's the BEST EVER.

You KNOW I am going to put it to the test.

More to come, I hope you all had a wonderful Monday.


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