Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The many uses of coconut oil

If you've been reading the blog you will know that I've been researching and trying a lot of new recipes for household and beauty items.

The one thing I have been using a lot is coconut oil.  I have found many ways to use it, and have had a while to try them out.  I would like to share my recipes and reviews with you now.  Keep reading if you want to save money and chemicals in your body.  It's just true, remember, I'm a bad lair ;)

The most simple things I have been using coconut oil for are for cooking and moisturizer.

In cooking in place of butter, mostly:

In cooking I have been very pleased.  I have used it to fry up veggies, in bread in place of butter and to fry up eggs.  Now I have read some reviews online where people don't like it to fry eggs, but I haven't noticed a bad flavor.  They didn't taste like coconut eggs, but I felt more healthy!  In bread I didn't notice the difference not using butter.

All in all I'm very pleased.  Pleased enough to purchase a 54 oz jar from Vitacost.com.  If you are interested in getting a $10 off coupon, click here.  I am not getting paid to endorse them, I am just very happy with the product and love to share!  Also, who wouldn't like 10 bucks off??


I really like it for  a face moisturizer.  I won't lie, I haven't been pimple free, like I usually am, but I've maybe gotten 2 or 3 since I started using it.  I can live with that.  I do know that your body does go through a detox period when changing any beauty product, so it might be that.   If you are wondering, I have combo skin.

It could also be because I stopped using traditional shampoo/conditioner for 3 weeks now, and my body's adjusting to that as well.  People call it no poo, but I think that's silly.  Maybe one day I'll will write about my experience, but if you are at all interested, it's going well!

All in all I do like it as a moisturizer, and my skin feels much more smooth.  I use it on my body too, no more store bought lotion!


I have read a lot about aluminum in deodorant, and I'm not terribly happy about that.  I decided to do some research, and what do you know, you can use coconut oil to make deodorant!

Below is the recipe I've been using.  They claim it's just a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, but for me I notice it works for both.  Just in case, I keep a tiny jar of it in my purse, but I have yet to use it.  I'm doing ok, unless my co-workers are nice and not telling me!

6 TB coconut oil
1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup cornstarch

I just warm up the coconut oil and mix everything together.  I leave it in a small jar and just use it with my fingers.  The coconut oil is very moisturizing and it will kill any bacteria or odor.  It's antibacterial and anti fungal.  I'm not a scientist, but I believe the cornstarch is what makes the sweat stay away!  Do be careful though, in the summer it will liquefy due to the oil, but it won't affect the way it works.  I've read of people putting it in empty deodorant containers and keeping it in the fridge in the summer, it's up to you.


We all know that baking soda is good in toothpaste, it whitens teeth, but did you know coconut oil is good for them as well?  As I mentioned before, coconut oil is antibacterial, it's also great for your gums.  When combining the 2 ingredients, it gets exciting!  I haven't used this long, but since I have my teeth and gums feel great and I'm liking the results so far.  I will try to update a few months down the line to let you know how it's going.

Equal parts coconut oil and baking soda (I started out with 4 TB each)
25-30 drops of peppermint essential oil

Mix all ingredients together, dip your toothbrush and brush away!

Well, so far that's all I've tried, but I do intend to try more.  If you are interested in trying any of these, please do, and please comment and let me know what you think.

I hope that I have helped some of you to save a little money and your health!

Until next time...


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